What I have learned/discovered/remembered is that . . .

2018-01-27 12.04.54

Thought I would share random thoughts and I hope it elicits your own – enjoy!

– you should make a plan (or list. I like lists) for projects, goals, fun things to do, etc. There is a good chance you might actually do some of them. You could make the list while watching Netflix – this counts as being productive.

– the irritating little warning light will come on and stay on if one of your tires is one PSI off.

– cursive skills should be used.


– some people will STOP in the merge entry lane. Just sayin’

– and go 45 in a 70 on a two-lane road when you are running late for work.

– doing sit-ups are still worth doing even if your big workout plan starts tomorrow, no really. . . it’s on my plan.

– some days can be great, just cause. Don’t question it.

2018-01-13 19.51.07

– “The Meddler” was good for me to watch. Not that I bug my kids, heavens no of course not, but that one day I may be ready to invite a nice person into my life. It could happen.

Which brings up my next thing remembered . . . God has everything under control.

2018-01-18 13.51.57

– eating salads a couple of days of the week, is good for you and your jeans.

– we make our own happiness. Mom was right on that one.

– not everyone likes you.

– I should try to smile more when meeting / greeting people.

2018-01-31 16.44.58

– I’m thankful I have a creative outlet. I didn’t say I was good at it but it’s cheap therapy.

2018-01-16 18.32.45  2018-01-16 10.09.34-1

– I want to always surround myself with positivity and nice people.








2017-12-22 18.32.30

– we can celebrate even the smallest victories.

2017-12-09 13.03.15

Sometimes you just need to go for it.







– everyone makes mistakes.

2017-12-31 16.09.43

2017-12-31 16.09.36

2017-12-31 16.11.40

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168 Days until Spring!

2017-04-18 16.29.53  2017-08-10 18.40.19

springYep, only 4038 more hours until Spring. Let’s don’t even think about this gorgeous weather going away.

These two, what a mess (and joy) they are! At two, their personalities are shining through in all of their blaze and glory.



What makes you happy?2017-09-02 20.10.06

I like fresh vegetables, anything cooked on the grill, good music, a good book, new socks

and having time in my sewing room.

Here are some of my new projects.

2017-09-04 13.15.37

I follow aquiltinglife. Sherri, a prolific quilter, shared a pattern she created from one of her grandmother’s quilt tops.

2017-09-04 13.14.17

I like making the tops, it’s just too hard to struggle with getting it quilted on my machine. I really need to find someone to quilt them. And these two are pretty large.

2017-08-12 20.01.08

And this is Bennett’s “Soccer” quilt.


Which was made using left over fabric from Casey’s quilt!

2017-06-01 11.02.27  2017-07-02 16.21.35 HDR

And before and after of a chest that was really showing its age. Not perfect but I like it!

2017-09-04 13.09.41  2017-07-08-08-39-52.jpg

Continuing on with what makes me happy, it has to be my family! It is the love of my family and knowing everyone is safe and healthy (and happy, successful, kind, thoughtful good Christians who love their mamma a whole lot!)

2017-07-22 17.22.17

Nat has just tested successfully for her LVN and I couldn’t be more proud. Raising a family and disciplining yourself to master a hard curriculum has got to be tough.

2017-08-11 19.47.02

I love spending all the time I can with them.

2017-04-01 15.29.32

They are growing up so dang fast!

2017-04-01 18.16.30  2017-06-29 06.25.412017-07-26 17.56.46  2017-07-14 21.35.36

So, we’re not saying bye to summer.

2017-08-13 15.48.21

2017-08-22 08.38.01  2017-09-04 12.57.51

Just going to enjoy the day.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Every year I tell myself that I’m making new stockings for everyone WITH their names embroidered on them. I wish someone would remind of that in July.

I am pretty, darn lucky. In just a few days, this old house will be full of rich smells, kids running around screaming and adult voices, trying to be heard over the screaming. Friends and family will visit for Christmas dinner and hopefully, the food will taste great.



We’ll bring out the china that’s only used at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter and slave over the oven for 24 hours and then watch as it’s devoured in fifteen minutes. I can’t wait! The kids will run in and out popping fire crackers and then presents will be passed around. These guys should have a grand time this year.

Next, if there is time, we’ll play games, the kids will grab the iPads and iPhones and wait for our stomachs to allow us to go back for seconds. And we’ll be making memories!!


I was hoping to have this quilt ready by Christmas but I don’t think that’s going to happen. It can be a “rose” for Casey when complete. That’s on my list too – make a quilt for everyone in my family. . . that wants one.


I’m praying for safe travels for everyone and hope you have a very, merry Christmas. Remember the reason for the season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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The life that is waiting



This has been a challenging post that, honestly, I didn’t know how to approach. My blog is read by very few so I don’t know what the concern was but there is something about posting on the internet that makes it seem so monumental. I haven’t posted in a while so I could just start anew and not mention anything but when I saw this quote, I thought that it had to be my beginning.

38 years ago, the life I had planned was very different than the one I am in now. I was married to a wonderful man and couldn’t wait to be a wife and mom. Oh, I would do it right. I would always explain to my children whenever I disagreed and they would be great kids and very respectful. My husband adored me and I him and we would always laugh and enjoy the simple things in life. Well, I was right on one account. I have great kids! But I no longer have my husband. He passed at the end of December and I guess I am still trying to see where I fit in. I had resigned my job with hopes of a better job where my boss is not a moron and be with Jim as he improved and got to come home. Well, bless his heart, he was in the hospital from September 1 until December 27 and only got to come home for two days.

I have stayed really busy and checked off a lot of my “to do” list that has been hanging over my shoulders. Getting my mom’s house ready to put on the market has really helped me purge “junk” from my own house. Do you know I found a drawer that had unused credit cards from 2004? Gasp.


Mom always scolded me that I couldn’t just keep my head in the sand forever but I disagree. I don’t hold grudges and I don’t dislike most people (it can be done but not easily) and I don’t like sad things so I refuse to think about them. If it works for me, can’t I exist this way? Will one day my head explode with all of the hurtful, awful, sad things that I pushed to the far corners of my mind or will I be allowed to live in my little world? Will thinking there is good in everyone and for those that aren’t, that “what goes around, comes around” keep me from living a happy life? You can tell me but I’ll probably ignore you because that’s what I have to do. But I would pretend I was listening. . .

So how am I filling up my days. I have spent time with family, spent a lot of time cleaning out a huge house (Mom’s), cleaned closets and drawers that have been neglected far too long. I have watched 28 videos out of a total of 124 in my quest to learn Adobe Illustrator. I have completed the last two years income taxes, painted the coffee table, cleaned out the gutters and installed a new ice-maker. I have started a new quilt and have ideas for many more and gone through some crazy cleaning sprees.


If the good Lord is willing, I know I’ll be okay but it will be different.


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Try a Free Mini Class at Craftsy

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Things have been a little hectic at work and lately, I find I am not inspired to craft and sew. When I am feeling uninspired, what helps me is viewing new fabric lines and watching some Craftsy classes. The cool thing about these classes is they are yours forever. They never expire and now you can download the classes to your device for viewing when internet is not accessible.

Are you looking to take your crafting to the next level, or perhaps branch out and learn a new skill, but aren’t sure where to get started? Check out the Craftsy Free Classes, mini classes that allow you to sample everything from food classes (Who couldn’t use Complete Knife Skills with Brendan McDermott?), to quilting (How fun would A New Look at Longarm Quilting with Mandy Leins – FREE! be?), to photography (Seriously, Learn How To Take Professional Family Portraits with Craftsy for FREE! could only help us all.) and more!

Just register for your Craftsy account and get started!

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Here is what’s been going on . . . as told by my iPhone


There was swimming and napping and chillin’ in the sun!

IMG_0642  IMG_0608

IMG_0610  IMG_0617

IMG_0661  IMG_0660

and cooking and eating and chillin’

IMG_0637  IMG_0619

IMG_0495  IMG_1051

IMG_1124  IMG_0501



some serious Nerf gun wars,


a little sewing,

IMG_0704  IMG_1077

IMG_0900  IMG_0902

IMG_1084  IMG_1092

IMG_1139  IMG_0339

a wedding


and a new beginning.


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From Bats to the Blues


Hello and welcome to almost Spring.

As a sun-lovin’ creature, summer is my favorite time of the year. In East Texas, we have had some 80 degree days and some in the 30’s. Weird weather going on but summer will be here soon.


I have a made a couple of business trips lately where I had an opportunity to enjoy some of the local flavor of the area. Since my blog is really more like a personal journal, I want to journal those memories.

I visited Austin for a workshop with Tom Kulmann and David Anderson. They are with Articulate but probably best known for their outstanding blog, The Rapid eLearning Blog.

Well, if you live close to Austin or have ever visited you know that 750,000 Mexican free-tail bats arrive in Austin around March and you can watch them take flight through October. People gather at Congress Avenue Bridge around sundown to witness the flight.



While it may look like smoke in the distance, those are actually the bats in flight.


This past week, I visited St. Louis for USDLA. The last night there, a group of us went to a baseball game. The Busch stadium is great. I don’t think there is a bad seat in the place. I enjoyed the game but had trouble clapping for the Cardinals. I still don’t forgive them for the 2011 World Series.


Following the game, we walked a couple of blocks to a blues club, The Beale on Broadway.  There we met the Diva of St. Louis, Kim Massie. She was such an entertainer. She could sing like Aretha and really talked and interacted with the crowd. As a Motown fan, I definitely enjoyed my time there.

Hope everyone has a great week. Don’t take your time or your family for granted. We are not guaranteed another day.

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

– Philippians 4:6

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