Chewin’ the fat

Well, I would like to say this is about Thanksgiving but that was so last week. I could say I wanted to tell you about my grand-kids but that’s everyday. I could say that I missed you and just wanted to check in so that’s what it is. We’ll just chew the fat and talk about whatever!

Wes Smith

This is Wes. He looks like he has lipstick on doesn’t he? He has gorgeous blue eyes and a beautiful smile that makes it hard to think about what he is fixin’ to get in to.

JD Smith

This is JD. I just love this picture. JD and Wes are my son Jake and Natalie’s boys. JD will tell you his name is JD “Cowboy” Smith.

Addie Mitchell

This is Addi. Addi is Casey (my daughter’s) only child and let me tell you, the apple didn’t fall far from that tree. Watching her is like watching her mom growing up again.

This year, Thanksgiving was a little different. Josh and Audrey traveled to Audrey’s folks. Jake is working in West Texas so Nat and the boys drove there to have Thanksgiving with him. April (our oldest), Casey, Addi and my mom were able to come. I never have learned how to cook a little so can I say we had plenty?

Addi Mitchell and Casey Smith

I did have some help with the cooking.

Ginny Daniel and Addi Mitchell

Mee-Maw and Addi seemed to like it.

April Smith, Casey Smith and Addi Mitchell

And we are thankful for all God has given us and hope the entire family can be together next year.

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