Making Memories

Addi Mitchell

This week was a little hectic.

Wednesday was pot lunch at work. The theme was Mexican food and it was great. I made King Ranch Casserole and Tex-Mex Pimento Cheese (cut the pimentos).

Pimento Cheese

Love, love this recipe I found on

Thursday was Addi’s dance recital and Christmas program. I enjoyed it so much. The kids are two, three and four and they really put on a show. It was such a joy hearing them shamelessly belt out the lyrics. Now, I could sing with those guys!

Addi Claire Mitchell

Addi Claire Mitchell

Addi Claire Mitchell











I drove into work from Dallas Friday morning and hung around after work for the Christmas party. The jazz band was great but I was a little pooped. I stayed until about 8 and then left.

Driving home realizing it was officially the week-end, was a great stress reliever. I listened to some classic rock and then switched to Willie’s channel and the Grand Ole Opry was on. Boy, did that bring back a lot of memories. I love the old country tunes but don’t know if it is the music quality and skill of the artists or the comforting memories that it evokes. I don’t always allow myself to be happy because something could go wrong, right? But that night, I gave myself permission.

Whoa…nine hours of sleep can make a world of difference.

Saturday was baking day. While I did get Nat to help, Casey chose to wrap gifts. We didn’t get as much accomplished but that’s okay. One more week of work and then I’m off for two weeks!

White Trash

White Trash Mix

Texas Ranger Cookies

Texas Ranger Cookies

Mom always made these at Christmas. They have oats, corn flakes, coconut and crumble in your mouth. Always use real butter…it makes a difference.

Peanut Patties


We also made banana bread, peanut brittle, Christmas sugar cookies and cheese straws. Did I tell you I am definitely working out now after the first of the year?

Sunday we celebrated JD’s 4th birthday. He will actually have two parties this year because when they go see Jake in a couple of weeks, they are going to do something special at that time.

Happy Birthday JD "Cowboy" Smith

We had a great week-end makin’ memories. I added a whole treasure chest of memories to keep me company on another long drive home.

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One Response to Making Memories

  1. Jana says:

    You made all those Christmas treats and all you brought to work was cookies?? Great cookies, btw! I hope we get to sample your other treats…cuz you know we don’t get enough to eat at work!

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