Oh baby it’s cold outside

Belle in the snow

The snow has officially arrived in East Texas. I tried to tell Bella it was a lot warmer in the barn but she insisted on making snow angels.

JD snow angels

JD and Wes came over to show her how.

JD and Wes Smith

With the sleet, rain and snow, what goes with that? I know…Tortilla Soup and peanut butter cookies yummmmmm.

peanut butter cookies

Twenty eight years ago today, I was also in the kitchen cooking but that time it was chocolate pies. You know why I remember? I was going into labor with my youngest, Casey, and didn’t want to arrive at the hospital too early. I had time to finish the pies and tear my husband away from the Cowboy’s playoff game to take me to the hospital. The pies and the delivery came out great. Happy Birthday Case!

Not that I’m going anywhere today, but I made a new tote.

tote bag
It is Simplicity 4535 and was far from simple. It sent me five different times to view steps for another design and had me so confused, I put the directions down and just did my own thing. I think I like it but don’t know if I will make another one! Well, not until my memory fades a little.

Will Monday bring that delightful holiday we like to call Snow Day?

JD Smith

We’ll know in the morning, but for now let’s stay inside ’cause baby it’s cold outside.


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2 Responses to Oh baby it’s cold outside

  1. Casey says:

    Duh, that was only 23 years ago, Mom!!!!!!

  2. Janie says:

    It’s funny how our kids birthday makes us think back to exactly what we were doing that day every year! Oh and I remember your peanut butter cookies, they are the best. I know I have that recipe written down somewhere!
    That tote is really cute. You should have Shelly Heard put your initials or something on it.

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