Let it Snow…NO

My five day absence of hot water due to freezing pipes, has turned into the sixth day now with no water due to a busted pipe. A plumber has graciously agreed to try to come Monday morning so now I need to gather up all “the stuff” and go shower at someone’s home with good pipes.

It hasn’t been a total loss. I took advantage of the frigid weather and cut out all the pieces for “The Small Plates” quilt from Elizabeth Hartman. Elizabeth has a great blog: http://www.ohfransson.com/ The link to her new book “The Practical Guide to Patchwork” is included below. I really like the book. One thing I noticed is that she said to avoid stitching in the ditch…huh?…but she does offer a similar method with better design results. I want to try free-motion quilting but don’t know if I can do the meandering stitch right now and may opt for using the walking foot.

I am about half way through making the blocks. Then, I will need to square them up before sewing together.








This project is using a lot of my stash. I had purchased most of the fabric for this project from http://www.fatquartershop.com/ and http://fabric.com/. I know sewers (what happened to being called seamstress?) slam the quality of fabric WalMart carried but I really miss the fabric department at WalMart. Quilt shops are not as readily available in rural areas and sometimes you just want to go feel some fabric, right? If someone has a petition to bring it back, sign me up!

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6 Responses to Let it Snow…NO

  1. Janie says:

    Good luck with your quilt! I bet it will be beautiful! I wish I could get in to that but really don’t have the patience I guess. And I really don’t have to b/c Eula keeps us supplied in quilts. She has made at least one for everyone in the family. Now she’s down to just lap quilts but I love them. She has a lady in Marietta that quilts them for her on her fancy machine and they really are nice.
    And you know, I think the reason I quit sewing is b/c Walmart quit carrying material and also b/c it’s gotten so high. At least it is at Hobby Lobby. Pat Henderson gave me some remnants and I made my living room curtains out of it. That’s about all I can do anyway is curtains. Hey that’s an idea, she pretty much gives away her remnants and she has NICE material. You should check with her!

    • Janie says:

      I talked to Pat Henderson and she said to come by her shop any day and she will be there on Saturday too. She said it’s mostly material that has to be dry cleaned. She said she didn’t have much cotton material for quilts.

      • Thanks for talking to her. I stopped Saturday and her shop was closed…guess I just missed her. I hope to have a new post tonight. We are going to have to get you one started and we’ll read each others blog 🙂

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