For all the sweeties

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

I choose to believe that no one is exempt from being a “sweetie.”

Some people may just miss those moments because you try too hard to keep them hidden but you can’t hide anymore…we know you have a big heart.

Thanks Jake, Nat, Wes and JD for the flowers!








Wes and JD made dragon flies for their friends.

dragon flies

I like that Nat is showing her kids ways to be creative. I think we are missing a big chunk of education by making everything so available to kids now. They don’t have many opportunities to use their imagination.

Wes has a birthday in a couple of weeks and I have nothing to get him because he has everything! Jim remembers playing for hours with an empty medicine bottle as his car. I spent countless hours with the neighborhood kids playing cops and robbers on our bikes, playing baseball or just sitting in a tree reading a book…and we wonder why kids today are obese? Well, I’m not getting on a soap box like turn off the tv and go outside but let me share what I made this week-end.

Buzz Lightyear Bag

John Deere bag

Natalie wanted to opt out of using the ever fashionable WalMart bag when going to Crossfit and taking Wes to Janie’s.





I think they came out pretty cute 🙂





Have a great week everyone.


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2 Responses to For all the sweeties

  1. Natalie says:

    WES AND I LOVE OUR BAGS!! I know Wes is only 2 but I think the Walmart bag embarrassed him. We were having problems with him carrying his own stuff in the house and now he proudly carries his Toy Story bag where ever.
    Some of my best memories when I was kid was cops and robbers with the neighbor kids and I can remember being proud of hand made crafts that I would give as gifts. I want the boys to have those memories also.

  2. Awww, you really know how to make me feel good. Glad you are enjoying the bags!

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