My Grand Vacation

As a child, I have great memories of camping with my brother, sisters, mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. We would swim, go on adventures and discover new treasures. It was a tradition, we went camping every year.

Most traditions are held close to the heart and cherished as we grow older. I hope this will be true for my grandkids. Summer 2011, marks the first annual “Grand Vacation.”


100_0950                   100_0953

Isn’t it gorgeous? JD, Addi, Wes and I camped at Daingerfield State Park. The kids played great together and didn’t even argue about having to wear lifejackets the whole time. I know…when did I get so paranoid?

We swam, we walked and walked and walked, did I mention we walked and played on the swings and slide.

100_0957 100_0958 100_0956  

It’s Rodeo Time!






JD “Cowboy” Smith wore that bull out.


Addi went the whole 8 seconds.


And Wes decided that bull without the legs should stay in the barn!

Addi wanted to go to a waterpark for her birthday but what do you do if there isn’t one close by…you bring the waterpark to Marietta!




Well, today is the last day of my vacation and I think it has been pretty grand!

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3 Responses to My Grand Vacation

  1. Janie says:

    Your such a great Granna! You never cease to be an inspiration to me!

    Your favorite niece:)

  2. You give me too much credit. That was one week. You’re a great granna everyday!

  3. cotwinmom says:

    Awww! That is so special! I remember the family camping trips when I was a kid. What fun we had! They’re so lucky to have you! What a fun memory you’ve created! Way to go Granny!!! 🙂

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