Goodbye to 2011

The Minton and Daniel Family and Friends

Enjoying family and friends

Some of the girls in the family got together for dinner at Holly Hills in Hughes Springs.

I took some pictures but you should check out their website. Great place to visit!

100_1518  100_1531

Oh, you better watch out

When we were raising the kids, my husband used to say we don’t have to go out because we had a circus everyday. They were always putting on a show, inventing cool tricks (hey, watch this) or just using their imagination to have a great adventure.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It may be a different generation but Addi, JD and Wes do a good job of entertaining us as well.

camo paint

Wesley Smith

Addi and JD

Wes SmithJD SmithAddi Mitchell

What I did on my Christmas Break

Addi's new dress

Addi's new dressMade Addi a dress.

welding capMade my first welding cap for Jake.

Turning Twenty Quilt 

Made a quilt top, Turning Twenty.

Yeah, didn’t quite get to working out.

Additional Progress Pics

JD and Wes

New pajama pants for the boys.

Hidden Stars

Quilt top – Hidden Stars


New dress for Addi

I love my job but I do love staying home. Good bye to 2011 and hello to new adventures!


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