It’s a Scrappy Trip

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Wow, it is already February and I haven’t posted in weeks. I know you are thinking that that is the regular schedule around here but hey, let’s don’t be picky. The picture above was from Christmas at Mom’s. Adorable bunch, huh?

Just in case you are interested, here are a few things going on for me.

All over the blogosphere, everyone is doing Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trip Around the World. I couldn’t resist so this has become my new week-end project.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

I will need 36 blocks and currently have 11 made so that leaves a butt load lots more to make.

Exercise News

How about that? I actually have exercise news. I have completed three weeks of the Couch to 5 K program. In December, the university had a Jingle Jog and I participated. What a loser. I was huffing and puffing and that was before I started to run. So, posting on the blog makes it official because now you are going to demand updates and I couldn’t let you down.

Boy that’s scary. I bet I could go back and delete this post, NO, I want to do this!

Running/walking is hard enough but I have found that if I have upbeat music blaring in my ears, I do a lot better. Let me set the scene for you. Not being a seasoned runner, I am already testing the true strengths of spandex. I don’t glisten when I work out like the young co-eds whizzing past me. I sweat and turn red. It’s not a pretty sight so the last thing I need is for me to keep shoving the ear buds back in my ears while keeping the cord from flapping all over the place.

But no more. I am the proud owner of the Motorola S10-HD Headphones. So, if the friction from my thighs don’t start a fire, I should be good to go!

Next up:

I am going to QuiltCon!

QuiltCon is the first modern quilt show and happens February 21 – 24, 2013. I plan on going early Friday and return home late Saturday. I didn’t register in time for classes but that’s okay. This is my first big quilt show and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing quilts and visit with the vendors. Yep, pretty excited about those vendors.

I am wrapping up this post by sharing some pictures. Let me know what’s going on with you!

IMG_0168 100_2254 100_2279 100_2266  100_2251

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4 Responses to It’s a Scrappy Trip

  1. casaddi says:

    What a coincidence! I just finished week 3 of the couch to couch program! It’s going really well… Next week I am starting the couch to fridge to couch program. Wish me luck!

  2. Jess in Tyler says:

    Way to go, Cindy! I am soooooo (+about another million “o’s”) jealous- about QuiltCon! Please have a wonderful time!

  3. Thanks Jess, I am super pumped. Maybe we can both go next year.

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