Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Quilt Con 2013!

Just a few of the quilts…

We have a lot of opportunities available to us. Some say our students act like they are entitled but don’t we all? Don’t we expect 24/7 movies, shows and news? Don’t we expect resources, tutorials and inspiration from the internet? I read or see awesome chances to expand my horizon. Normally, my reaction is thinking, “yeah, I should do that.” It reminds me of when I was younger and would offer an excuse for not doing something and the response to me would be yeah, well…”woulda, coulda, shoulda.”

When Quilt Con was announced, I mumbled I should go and a friend, Jana, said, “Yes you should!” Not really thinking about it seriously, I thought why not so I quickly registered before I could change my mind.


I’m glad I went.

Here is me and Natalie at the Moda BakeShop booth. Don’t you love the signs!







At Robert Kaufman’s booth, we decorated conference bags! Not exactly a work of art but lots of fun visiting with others attending the show. Quilters are the friendliest folks I have ever met.


Overall, the show was smaller than I had imagined but this is the first year. The quilting was pretty (don’t ask me about the f*** quilts) but not the first thing you tend to look at. It was the quilting, amazing skills and one name was repeated numerous times in the attributes…Quilted by Angela Walters (http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com/). I have signed up for one of her classes with Craftsy and am super excited to start. Oh, the Craftsy booth gave us all a free class!

I love being at home and working in the yard or sewing or piddling. I love my job (or did until last week) but it’s the easy way. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar and it doesn’t always require makeup. As the old saying goes, Life is Short so do I always want the easy way?

Sometimes it takes just a little effort to do something that will impact you or bring you inspiration or make the life for you and others around you richer.

Maybe I need to start reevaluating my excuses and adopt the would-could-should motto!

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