Weekend Update


Meet Mr. Little

This is just a short post to introduce you to the newest member of the Smith household (thankfully not this Smith household!)



Wes is five. WOW. No more babies in the family.

I think all of the kids had a great time with the bounce house, pinata, merry-go-round, pizza and cupcakes.








Addi made biscuits Sunday morning.

Yep…making memories.

Hope your week is great!

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

Quilt Con 2013!

Just a few of the quilts…

We have a lot of opportunities available to us. Some say our students act like they are entitled but don’t we all? Don’t we expect 24/7 movies, shows and news? Don’t we expect resources, tutorials and inspiration from the internet? I read or see awesome chances to expand my horizon. Normally, my reaction is thinking, “yeah, I should do that.” It reminds me of when I was younger and would offer an excuse for not doing something and the response to me would be yeah, well…”woulda, coulda, shoulda.”

When Quilt Con was announced, I mumbled I should go and a friend, Jana, said, “Yes you should!” Not really thinking about it seriously, I thought why not so I quickly registered before I could change my mind.


I’m glad I went.

Here is me and Natalie at the Moda BakeShop booth. Don’t you love the signs!







At Robert Kaufman’s booth, we decorated conference bags! Not exactly a work of art but lots of fun visiting with others attending the show. Quilters are the friendliest folks I have ever met.


Overall, the show was smaller than I had imagined but this is the first year. The quilting was pretty (don’t ask me about the f*** quilts) but not the first thing you tend to look at. It was the quilting, amazing skills and one name was repeated numerous times in the attributes…Quilted by Angela Walters (http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com/). I have signed up for one of her classes with Craftsy and am super excited to start. Oh, the Craftsy booth gave us all a free class!

I love being at home and working in the yard or sewing or piddling. I love my job (or did until last week) but it’s the easy way. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar and it doesn’t always require makeup. As the old saying goes, Life is Short so do I always want the easy way?

Sometimes it takes just a little effort to do something that will impact you or bring you inspiration or make the life for you and others around you richer.

Maybe I need to start reevaluating my excuses and adopt the would-could-should motto!

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It’s a Scrappy Trip

The Smith Group


Wow, it is already February and I haven’t posted in weeks. I know you are thinking that that is the regular schedule around here but hey, let’s don’t be picky. The picture above was from Christmas at Mom’s. Adorable bunch, huh?

Just in case you are interested, here are a few things going on for me.

All over the blogosphere, everyone is doing Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trip Around the World. I couldn’t resist so this has become my new week-end project.

Scrappy Trip Around the World

I will need 36 blocks and currently have 11 made so that leaves a butt load lots more to make.

Exercise News

How about that? I actually have exercise news. I have completed three weeks of the Couch to 5 K program. In December, the university had a Jingle Jog and I participated. What a loser. I was huffing and puffing and that was before I started to run. So, posting on the blog makes it official because now you are going to demand updates and I couldn’t let you down.

Boy that’s scary. I bet I could go back and delete this post, NO, I want to do this!

Running/walking is hard enough but I have found that if I have upbeat music blaring in my ears, I do a lot better. Let me set the scene for you. Not being a seasoned runner, I am already testing the true strengths of spandex. I don’t glisten when I work out like the young co-eds whizzing past me. I sweat and turn red. It’s not a pretty sight so the last thing I need is for me to keep shoving the ear buds back in my ears while keeping the cord from flapping all over the place.

But no more. I am the proud owner of the Motorola S10-HD Headphones. So, if the friction from my thighs don’t start a fire, I should be good to go!

Next up:

I am going to QuiltCon!

QuiltCon is the first modern quilt show and happens February 21 – 24, 2013. I plan on going early Friday and return home late Saturday. I didn’t register in time for classes but that’s okay. This is my first big quilt show and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing quilts and visit with the vendors. Yep, pretty excited about those vendors.

I am wrapping up this post by sharing some pictures. Let me know what’s going on with you!

IMG_0168 100_2254 100_2279 100_2266  100_2251

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It’s Susie Sunshine

It’s a great day!

The weather is not too cold and not too hot. I’m not sick. My family’s not sick and we all still have our jobs. My mom always said you can wake up in the morning and tell yourself you are going to have a great day or you can wake up and tell yourself, man, I feel awful; this days stinks and you will be right.

I choose to be happy today. Of course, it is still early but right now I am having a good day. Of course, if someone is having a bad day, I will blurt out a “bless your heart” but you are allowed to have a bad day ever so often but have you looked at yourself lately to see who’s fault that is? It doesn’t even have to take a lot to start your day off right. Have you ever received a compliment and it immediately made you stand up a little taller or walk a little straighter? What about just a friendly “good morning” from an acquaintance? Why not challenge yourself to give someone, anyone, one complement a day? You could feel good for giving the complement and you could, just change the course of someone’s day.

Here is a list to start your day:

  • Appreciate your day
  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • Get some exercise
  • Eat healthy
  • Pray
  • Don’t hold a grudge
  • Find at least one thing nice about everyone you meet
  • Choose to not listen to the news
  • Listen to a song that makes you tap your foot
  • Be patient
  • Remember stress is a motivator
  • Everyone was not raised as you were

If all of these don’t help, hold a pencil between your teeth. Your body will think it was smiling.

This is Suzie Sunshine signing off.

Have a great day!

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If the ox is in the ditch

Ginny Daniel

My mom was 83 this week and is a remarkable woman. She and my dad raised five kids and provided us with everything we needed. Notice, I didn’t say want but we had everything we needed. Mom made all of my clothes until I got into high school and asked for “store bought” clothes. This hurt her feelings terribly and for that I am sorry.

Mom has the most amazing memory. Growing up, mom used to use many phrases but “if the ox is in the ditch?” was one that seemed to come up pretty regular. Most of the time, it occurred on Sunday. We all knew that the sabbath day was a time of rest but if something unexpected happened, she would just look at us and say “Well, if the ox is in the ditch?” which all of us knew that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that won’t wait and God would forgive you for working on His day.

For those of you that weren’t lucky enough to grow up in east Texas, the phrase means if you have something you have to do, well…you better get it done. No excuses.

It seems I am always pulling that ox out of the ditch.

Market Bag/Cindy Smith

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fall Leadership workshop for TxDLA starts tomorrow and I wanted to make a few “homemade” gifts for  some folks that really helped me with the conference.

I made strawberry fig preserves on Friday.

Saturday, I needed to go pick up pecans. While at Sister and Charles’s (aunt and uncle), I took a break and worked the cows. They were being sold to someone in Oklahoma and needed to be sorted: heifers, steers, babies and bulls. I loved seeing the spirit of those Brahmas. The gate would be opened for them to return to pasture and they would take off and get to the opening and kick sideways and backwards, kinda like saying, “yeah, you know better than to mess with me.”

I have a few bags made, a couple of aprons and a market bag now made.

Hopefully, the workshop will be great and my friends will like their gifts and all will be good until that ox gets back in the ditch.

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Is it Salsa Time?

This year was a good year for gardening, especially tomatoes. Now I don’t garden but I have a great “retired” brother-in-law who loves it and loves to share so I am more than happy to oblige.

Cindy Smith's salsa

This summer, there was no time for canning, so I peeled, quartered and froze in gallon freezer bags. Here are some of the bounty.

And here is a picture of the cook off.

Before I continue there is one – Note to self: only make one batch at a time. I feel like the first batch is pretty good while the second is iffy.

I added:

  • jalapenos
  • cilantro
  • onion
  • redwine vinegar
  • sugar
  • lime juice
  • garlic
  • salt
  • cumin

I would add to the first batch and when I thought about it, add ingredients to the second. I needed the first ones ready because that is my pot for the water bath.

The first batch was ready, pot is washed and now time for the water bath. I could only do nine jars at a time so I had to let the others sit in hot water in the sink until ready. I let them boil for 15 minutes and then add the next load.

Now, it could be that by now it is almost 9 p.m. and I’m missing the Aggies whooping up on Louisiana Tech (how about that Johnny Football?) or maybe just because I’m tired or maybe sometimes I bite off more than I can chew but I just couldn’t get the flavor right on the second batch.

I am really hesitant to share any of my questionable salsa with friends and family. If they happen to get one of the iffy ones, that could totally mess up a friendship. It would start off polite, yes “thanks for the salsa” and then they would start avoiding me. Co-workers would start calling in sick. Family would stop returning my calls or coming to visit.

Oh well what can you do? For me, it’s salsa time and I think I know where the good stuff is.


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Goodbye to 2011

The Minton and Daniel Family and Friends

Enjoying family and friends

Some of the girls in the family got together for dinner at Holly Hills in Hughes Springs. http://hollyhillhomestead.com/.

I took some pictures but you should check out their website. Great place to visit!

100_1518  100_1531

Oh, you better watch out

When we were raising the kids, my husband used to say we don’t have to go out because we had a circus everyday. They were always putting on a show, inventing cool tricks (hey, watch this) or just using their imagination to have a great adventure.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It may be a different generation but Addi, JD and Wes do a good job of entertaining us as well.

camo paint

Wesley Smith

Addi and JD

Wes SmithJD SmithAddi Mitchell

What I did on my Christmas Break

Addi's new dress

Addi's new dressMade Addi a dress.

welding capMade my first welding cap for Jake.

Turning Twenty Quilt 

Made a quilt top, Turning Twenty.

Yeah, didn’t quite get to working out.

Additional Progress Pics

JD and Wes

New pajama pants for the boys.

Hidden Stars

Quilt top – Hidden Stars


New dress for Addi

I love my job but I do love staying home. Good bye to 2011 and hello to new adventures!


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